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Kim Kardashian is Pregnant by Kanye West

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Fans around the world waiting for Kim Kardashian is pregnant by Kanye West. That would be as monumental as the announcement of the pregnancy of Kate Middleton.


Bar Refaeli Tweeted About Israeli Politics

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The Israeli model Bar Refaeli tweeted about politics and that is not wise.

Political subjects can better avoid celebrities, because there are always people that the good intentions into question.


Emma Stone Had Recorded Tape Video

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Emma Stone with her boyfriend Andrew Garfield, the man with whom she ever recorded tape

 A source tells the gossip website: "she is seen in the video. That is a fact. She made the video a long time ago, when she still had relationship with Andrew Garfield and when she was not yet known. She was young and she had probably not expect would be so famous."

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